Starting out

Starting a business requires expertise in so many areas and marketing is one of the most vital. Clear insight into your competitive position in the market, your customers’ needs, wants and buying habits, as well as a launch plan to kick start your business, are essential and can dictate whether your new business succeeds or fails.

Evergreen offers two fixed price start-up packages, 1-1 consultations to discuss and develop your business idea and an extensive range of marketing support services.

Launch plan

Once you have defined your product or service you need to have a comprehensive plan to launch it into the market. Evergreen Marketing can work for you to create a launch communications plan that takes full account of your customers and their needs/habits, as well as timescales (and budget) in order to attract potential customers and jump start sales.

​Marketing strategy & planning for your business plan

A big part of your initial business plan should be devoted to understanding your customers and the market. Evergreen Marketing can work for you to understand & analyse:


  • The market; your competitors, influences on your business
  • Your customers; their needs & buying behaviour
  • Your offering; what product/service you will offer, how you will position it & pricing
  • SWOT Analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats); combining insight from all the above and taking a longer-term view of your business objectives
  • How to attract prospects to your business and convert them into loyal referring customers
  • Critical Success Factors; what they are & how to address them

Why should you choose Evergreen Marketing?

One to one consultations & mentoring

In addition, Evergreen can offer you expert business and marketing advice via 1-1 consultations and mentoring, to discuss and develop your marketing strategy.

Ongoing marketing support services

Evergreen provides a full range of marketing services. Everything from advertising and PR (Media Relations), to brand and logo creation, event management & website design, producing brochures, newsletters and more.

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